Instant Udon noodled - Spicy Flavour Cup (Youmi), 192g


Ingredients: Noodles: wheat flour, thickener E1442, salt, humectant E422, acidity regulators E270, E260, E325, water. Broth: water, soy sauce (soybean, wheat), corn starch syrup, dried fish extract (bonito, anchovy), sugar, salt, yeast extract, E621, E631, E635, glucose, red pepper extract (oleoresin capsicum, E433), acidity regulator E501(i). Flakes: fried Tofu (isolated soy protein, soybean oil, E475), green onion, red pepper flake, laver flake.
Produced in Korea.
Nutritional value per 100g:
energy 620kJ/145kcal; fat 0,5g, of which saturates 0,1g; carbohydrates 31.9g, of which sugars 3,8g; protein 4g; salt 2g.
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