Banana flavoured biscuit sticks (Tokimeki), 40g


Ingredients: biscuit stick 63%: wheat flour , sugar, palm oil, cocoa powder, milk powder, gluten powder, salt, raising agent E500ii, E503ii, acidity regulator E450i, emulsifier E322 (soy), vanillin; milk banana flavour chocolate with cocoa butter 37%: palm kernel oil, sugar, milk powder, banana bowder, emulsifier E322(soy), vanillin, acidity regulator E330, colour E160a.
Produced in China.
Nutritional value per 100g:
energy 2089kJ/499kcal; fat 22,4g, of which saturates 0g; carbohydrates 63,1g, of which sugars 22,2g; protein 11g; salt 0,8g.
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